Meeting agenda NNPS 2020 – preliminary

Wednesday, May 27   
09.00Welcome address
09.15Session 1 - Neurometabolic diseases

Amino acid metabolism disorders
Tom J de Koning, Lund
Chair: Erik Eklund, Lund
11.00Challenges in whole genome sequencing
Anna Wedell, Stockholm

Treatments in lysosomal storage disease
Simon Jones, Manchester
13.30Session 2 – Neurovascular diseases
Pediatric Stroke in Sweden; National guidelines and registry
Anna Ekesbo Freisinger, Stockholm

Brain vascular malformations and current treatment strategies
Michael Söderman, Stockholm
Chair: Anna Ekesbo Freisinger, Stockholm
15.30Session 2 contd – Neurovascular diseases
Neuroinflammation in arterial ischemic stroke
Maja Steinlin, Switzerland
16.30NNPS annual meeting
18.30Baltic Sea Science Center
19.00Conference dinner Skansen
Thursday, May 28  
08.30Session 3- Neuromuscular diseases

Short introduction on neuromuscular disorders in children.
Mar Tulinius, Göteborg

Advances in the diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders in the genomics era.
Malin Kvarnung, Stockholm
Chair: Mar Tulinius, Gothenburg
10.15Session 3 contd - Neuromuscular diseases

Current and emerging treatments in pediatric neuromuscular disorders.
Thomas Sejersen, Stockholm.

Scoliosis and its treatment in pediatric neuromuscular disorders. What to do and when?
Paul Gerdhem, Stockholm
13.00Session 4 – Epilepsy

Current and new emerging treatments in the Dravet syndrome
Lieven Lagae, Leuven, Belgium

Diagnostic advances in epilepsy surgery evaluation – use of stereoEEG
Ulrika Sandvik, Stockholm

Chair: Maria Dahlin, Stockholm
15.00Session 4 – Epilepsy contd

When and how to use the ketogenic diet in epilepsy
Marie Lindefeldt, Stockholm

The impact of the ketogenic diet on the gut microbiome
Stefanie Prast-Nielsen, Stockholm

Epilepsy genetics - diagnostic and therapeutic challenges
Tommy Stödberg, Stockholm
16:30Closing ceremony


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